Tibet Showroom

The House of Tibet is a centre for Tibetan culture where we receive school classes and other groups for study visits. Staff with many years of experience from Tibet and the rest of the Himalayas area are on site. Here, culture is permeated by Buddhism and we can therefore offer information both in the cultural field and in religious life. The house also offers various activities such as meditation courses and film screenings. A museum with objects from Tibet has been inaugurated in autumn 2017.


One of the visions of the newly opened Showroom (Museum) of the Swedish Tibetan School and Culture Society is to be able to act as an educational and cultural centre and thereby contribute to a dialogue between Sweden and Tibet. We can offer a place where you can see both individual objects but also see Tibetan culture and life in context. A slideshow introduces to the visitor Tibet's magnificent nature that constantly interacts with everyday life as well as religious life.


Visitors get to 'drop in' in a typical Tibetan home with their little house altar, try on clothes, hear Tibetan music, both profane and religious. Since Tibetan medicine is an important part of culture and everyday life, Showroom also offers a medical department. The museum contains many unique ritual objects. Also items specially made by students who received their education through the School Society's previous activities in Tibet. Visiting groups can also be offered an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism. The School Society has a large collection of Tibetan thangkas.


Already at the entrance you are greeted by a Tibetan stupa, a symbol of buddha's enlightened mind as well as of inner peace/peace. At the entrance to the Showroom (Museum) there are four Tibetan prayer wheels. This, together with Tibetan prayer flags in the colors of the five different elements, means that as soon as you have passed the gates, you have already partially 'entered another world'.


The School Socity's headquarters, The House of Tibet, can also offer an extensive library where you are welcome to sit and read.

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Photo Exhibition

Karl-Einar Löfqvist's stunning black and white photos taken during his visit to Ladakh, northern India.

The images have previously been shown at the Ethnographic Museum as well as in England, India and Denmark. Opening Saturday 9 October 14-17.

More info about the exhibition here.