... With a Gift

For SEK 250 per year you become a member of the Swedish-Tibetan School and Culture Association. By becoming a member, you can support the Society's activities. The School Society also organises other projects thanks to the amazing support from individuals, companies and other organizations. In Tibet, Nepal, China and India, the School Society has hospitals, art schools, HIV/AIDS projects, environmental projects. In Sweden, the Society organises activities related to Tibetan culture, medicine and philosophy. We arrange lectures with our own or invited lecturers and meditation teachers, offer medical consultations, publish the member magazine Norbu, run publishing and celebrate holidays.


The Riksel-Lindh foundation is run by the association and strives to provide support to those Tibetan students who wish to continue with their higher education. In order for this fund to continue to fulfil its purpose, it needs to be replenished regularly.


Send your gift to PG 90 06 66-9 and enter the purpose on the form.

... Become a Volunteer

The Swedish-Tibetan School and Culture Society currently has its Swedish operations located in Enskede in The House of Tibet. Allan Fotheringham, general secretary, is the Society's employee and is present every weekday in the office. In addition, all other activities are based on volunteering. Operations in Tibet are managed by Namgyal Jamyangling from his office in Lhasa. To help him, he has Tenzin Dramdu, Treasurer, Pechoe Chokgap, Secretary and Responsible for Sponsorship and Ngedrol Secretary. The School Society has sister organizations in the United States and France.


These organisations are entirely based on volunteering.

If you are interested in knowing more about volunteering here in Sweden, contact Margaretha by phone

08-643 49 47 or email

... Support our enviornmental work in the Himalayas

The Swedish - Tibetan School and Culture Society works with environmental issues in Tibet and the Himalayas. Water supply for millions of people in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and China depends on a good environment in Tibet. Today, the association cooperates with GoGreenGoOrganic, which works with environmental issues in the Himalayas.


Send your support to PG 90 06 66-9! (mark it with "Environmental work")

... Recive our Newsletter

It comes out about once a month and contains information about program points and other news.


Write an email to and we will add you to our mailing list.