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We are sorry to have to inform you of the following changes in our program and routines up until the summer break, or until further notice:

Friday 8 th – Tuesday 11 th May - Dr.Tamdins visit. Cancelled.

Sunday 10 th May- The yearly meeting for members is postponed until further notice.

Saturday 30 th May – Tara Day.
Lama Lodru, Ani Sangmo and Margaretha Stigsdotter will perform the Tara ritual in the Tara Room in The House of Tibet as per the schedule in the program. You all are welcome to do the same at home, following the same schedule, in support of those in need in these difficult

Saturday 13 th June – Summer Party.
We will have a small party at 14.00 for those living in the House. We hope you all will do the same in your own homes with your families or friends or others who are in need of support.

Wednesday 24 th – Friday 26 th June - Acupuncturist Dr.Thupten will receive patients as per the program, if he is allowed to do treatment at that time. Please contact The House of Tibet for info. Also note that all patients must show a document stating that they are free from Covid-19.

All volunteers and visitors must be able to show a document stating that they are free from Covid-19 if they wish to visit The House of Tibet.

For further information, or if you feel you need support during this time of pandemic, then you are welcome to call us on: 08-6434947.

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